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AdCam Advertising - Solar powered advertising sign with built in CCTV
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Retail: The AdCam Car Jamming Sensor and CCTV cameras ensure a safer shopping experience
Schools: The presence of AdCam CCTV cameras help keep your children safe
Residential: The AdCam CCTV cameras will pick up who is leaving the gate open

New Advertising Opportunity! AD[CAM]. is in the process of installing advertising signs in open parking areas throughout South Africa.


AD[CAM]. is a patented solar powered advertising sign with built-in CCTV cameras with recording capabilities. Live video feed and recordings can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or PC via a password protected Wi-Fi connection. The system also includes a car remote jamming signal sensor which will sound an alarm when a jamming device signal is detected.


Most shopping centers do have CCTV cameras but in most instances the cameras are mounted…


One of the main issues that compromise security at residential estates with unguarded entrances is…


The AD[CAM]. CCTV camera surveillance system provides an ideal solution at school gates with heightened…


Adcam offers a solution for safety in open area corporate parks and medical centres. Safety is a major concern…

Benefits of AD[CAM].

  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • HD video recording history up to 7 days
  • Ability to check on security staff
  • Visible cameras deter criminal activity
  • Entry/Exit monitoring

AD[CAM]. provides a complete turnkey installation of a solar powered outdoor advertising sign board with two CCTV cameras and internal HD recording solid state drive at No Cost to the body corporate or site owner.

High definition recordings and a live video feed from the cameras can be accessed 24/7 via the built-in Wi-Fi console recorded video. Access to the cameras is password protected. The recorded or live video feed can be accessed in High Definition from any smartphone, tablet, or PC that is within the Wi-Fi range of the installation.

AD[CAM]. Advertising

Standard System

The AD[CAM]. Standard system connects to the gate motor power supply but makes use of it’s own internal battery to ensure continuous operation. Infra-red LED’s in conjunction with the LED backlight in the sign provides recording capabilities at night.

Advanced System

The AD[CAM]. Advanced system runs completely on solar power and does not require connectivity to the grid. The CCTV cameras remain operational at all times and are not affected by power failures or load shedding.


What is ADCAM?

ADCAM is a solar powered advertising light box with built in CCTV cameras and a car remote jamming sensor.

How does it work?

Live and recorded video can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere on any smartphone, tablet or PC via a password protected connection. The cameras continuously record video to an internal solid state memory module. The system works on a 5 day loop recording after which time new video replaces the oldest data.


Adcam provides a pro-active approach in crime prevention. CCTV cameras are a proven crime deterrent. The car remote jamming sensor will sound when a jamming signal is detected, thereby preventing crime before it happens.

How much does it cost?

The answer is short and sweet NOTHING. All that is required is a three-year contractual commitment from the site owner or body corporate. ADCAM recovers the cost of installation and maintenance from the placement of Sponsor branding on the signs.

Where are ADCAM systems installed?

ADCAM CCTV surveillance systems are installed in the parking lots of shopping centers where existing CCTV cameras do not reach. This makes it possible to place cameras and a car remote jamming alarm close to parked vehicles, thereby creating a secure environment for your tenants and shoppers.


The system is built from industrial grade components and requires no maintenance. The recording system records over the oldest video once the solid state memory has reached capacity. Incidental maintenance is done on site free of charge by our qualified technicians. Maintenance cost is covered by the income that is derived from advertisements on the box.

To advertise on AD[CAM] or for more information on obtaining you own site.